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We are Wheat Arising Green: Worship, Hospitality, Education, Advocacy, and Togetherness

Weekly Worship with Holy Communion at 9:00 am.  


We are born singers.   Thanks be to God that we gather every Sunday morning to sing God’s praises together.  We sing in unison.  We sing in canon.  We sing in parts.  We sing a capella.  We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.  We sing.  We sing.
Christians from the very earliest days carried the Word of God out into the world.  They sang as they worked the fields and watched the flocks.  They hummed as they nursed their young and sold goods in the marketplace.  They moved their feet more lightly as they walked from town to town and to get water to drink.  What they found was that Christ walked with them and the songs they sang helped make Christ known, to them and to all.
Ours is a culture, however, that is losing its voice.  Where else do people gather to sing God’s praises if not for the church?  Where else in society do we gather as one body - with the young and old, the rich and poor, the single and married, the gay and the straight, people of all racial backgrounds - and sing?  Where else do we go?
Ours is a congregation that helps people reclaim their voice and find their song.  If you have lost your voice of faith and are looking for a song to sing, please consider joining us at Resurrection, where all God’s people have a place in the choir.  Especially you.

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