Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone we’re here...

Apparently, you found us and that’s ok.  But we are different from other congregations.  This explains just a little about who we are:

We are different.  When people welcome you and engage you in conversation it is not because we have to, or were assigned to, it is because we want to.  We are genuinely glad that you are here.

We are different.  We don’t do long announcements; most weeks we don’t do any at all.  We all have gathered for worship and that is what we are going to do.  Worship isn’t about us, and our activities, it is about God and God’s activity in our world.  Sure we have a lot of things going on, but you can read about them so we don’t have to tell you about them.  We think you can handle that responsibility.

We are different.  We don’t use screens.  We believe that with all of the technology in our world - everything from computers and laptops to tablets and smart phones – people are hungry for something that is different from their everyday experience.  People are hungering for a sense of something “other.”  We encourage people to “unplug” for a while so they can sense the Spirit moving in and around people in community. 

We are different.  We use a hymnal.  Hymnals aid the assembly’s ability to sing.  It allows you to see more than just the words.  It allows you to sing parts.  Hymnals allow parents to move their finger along with the words so that their child can learn to read music.  With a hymnal you are free to explore; read the psalms, discover the prayers, learn about the church year and the assigned lectionary readings.  Hymnals are tools to help us grow in our faith.

We are different.  We don’t categorize our music as ‘contemporary’ or ‘traditional’.  Music is done well with a variety of instruments: pipe organ, timpani, clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, violin, flute, bass, trombone, piano and more.  We use the instruments the music calls for which aid the assembly in singing. 

We are different.  We sing.  We sing in unison.  We sing in parts.  We sing some hymns with only the ‘high voices’ then only the ‘low voices.  We sing in canon.  We sing a capella.  Everyone has a voice and we love to hear other voices join with ours!

We are different.  We don’t have a “children’s message.”  We also don’t have a “teen’s message,” a “young adult’s message,” a “middle adult’s message,” or a “geriatric message.”  Why divide the body of Christ?  After all, people are people.  So let us be a people of every race, age, gender, and ability, who worship together in community.  

We are different.  We celebrate communion every single week and you are welcome to eat and drink with us!  Visiting from another church?  You are welcome to commune here.  How about children?  Yes, they need to experience God’s love, too.  Are my partner and I welcome?  Yes, you and your partner - gay or straight, bisexual or transgender - are welcome to commune here.  (We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation, after all!)  Christ invites us all to the table.  You. Me. Everyone.  No exceptions.

We are different. We aren’t trying to be everything to everybody.  Some people will like us and some people won’t.  That is just fine.  We just happen to think that Resurrection is among the ‘best kept secrets’ in the Twin Cities.  But we can’t be a secret if everyone knows about us, so don’t tell anyone, ok?

If you are interested in getting to know us better, feel free to contact us at: or 651-484-1292