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The Triduum - The Great Three Days
This is the most holy time in the life of the church.  These days only come around but once a year so it can be good to hear once again about what takes place in the services. 

Maundy Thursday – 7:00 pm, April 2
This begins a three-day worship experience.  Maundy comes from the same root word as ‘commandment.’  This is the commandment Jesus gave to his disciples, that “you love one another as I have loved you.”  Along with the commandment comes examples of what that love looks like. It looks like service and sacrificial love.  That means that we will be washing each other’s feet and celebrating the Eucharist.  We close the service with the stripping of the altar.  






Good Friday – 7:00 pm, April 3
The focus of this part of the three-days is the bidding prayer.  In this prayer on the day we remember our Lord’s death, we pray for the church throughout the world, leaders in the church, those preparing for baptism, Christians in other churches, the Jewish people (as the first to hear the word of God), those who do not share our faith in Christ, those who do not believe in God, God’s creation, those who serve in public office, and those in need.  Each of these prayers, or bids, draw us out of ourselves and often focus on how we have been complicit in failing to live as resurrection people.  We then proceed to bring in the cross symbolizing that all of our failings have been born by Christ and crucified.




Easter Vigil – 7:30 pm, April 4
This service begins near dark and we begin with the making of the new fire and the lighting of the paschal candle.  We sing the Exsultet (or Easter proclamation) as we proceed with the paschal candle into the dark sanctuary.  Then we hear a number of readings recounting God’s saving grace.  Following the sermon we head to the font to remember our baptisms, and then turn to celebrate the resurrection feast.  This is a long service, so plan accordingly.  If you have to leave to use the restroom or get a drink of water, please do so and then quietly return to join us.  And plan on staying for the reception following the service, too!


Easter Day – 9:00 am, April 5
Join us for a festive worship service celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!  We celebrate with organ, brass, choirs and the whole assembly singing, “Alleluia, Christ is risen!”  The youth invite you to an Easter breakfast following the service.  A free-will donation will be accepted to fund youth activities.  Invite others.  There is always room for more!